The Story of Hold On

A few short years ago four dear friends, amongst recent life changing events, planned a long weekend getaway. They all needed something. They needed time to reflect, time to heal, time to talk openly, express doubts and fears, to be comfortable enough to share without time constraints and without life getting in the way. They needed each other.

Then this photo happened. Taken by a stranger, viewed on a laptop computer late that night, it started this journey we call HOLD ON. From the beginning it was all about US. That may sound a bit odd, but it has held true. We valued our friendship and we knew how important we were to each other. We wanted other women to know that the simplicity of a friendship can mean the world to someone. And even if that friend doesn't have the right words, the simple act of taking someone's hand and holding on with them is all powerful.


That evening together sparked something in all of us. There were a couple of bottles of wine, there were tears, there was laughter, but most importantly there was hope. Hope that certain words could make a difference.

Are there still sad days? Yes. Are there still certain dates that make us want to weep? Yes. We write this and we become emotional and the tears come easily. But now the sadness is intermingled with the knowledge that those moments will pass. There are more celebrations and more deep down laughter in all of us because we are stronger and because we know that we are blessed

The journey, as we say, is what it's all about.